Everywhere you have ever stood was once under water.

Very likely, where you are sitting right now, millions of years ago you could look up and see the sky filled with a fleet of flying giants.

We are the ancestors of those strange amphibians who first ventured up into the strange lands of light and green and sun.


Maybe it’s my wilting ears but damn doesn’t Tom Waits sound smoother, and sweeter, these days — like a fine Irish Whiskey.

Haven’t tasted one in decades, but we’ll always have alcoholism.

Somebody took the argh out. I mean I don’t know my remastering from my Dolby button, but clearly…

The old tree who leaned over the stream

The old old tree was tired.

For many many years he stood tall by the stream.

Casting its shade over the rippling water.

Dropping its leaves in the fall to watch them spin and gambol down the stream like new kids going…

Ruby and I are unlikely buddies. I was a dog person growing up. I put up with my wife’s cats because she puts up with me. We’ve had several cats together. We get along. But they have always been Sandy’s cats. And she has always been Theirs. Until Ruby. That…

This is my break

my legs hurt

my mind is squash

hard on the outside

but inside mush

no time for a long poem

extended insight

complex commentary

My break…

Gene is to my right fiddling around with his cane.

Ursula — or “Ullyses Kingfisher” as I like to call her, is smoking a pipe. (We’ve never met.)

Ms Butler is sitting way down at the end.

I realize that they are dead and this is a dream.

But I…

The Band that could have been the greatest in the world. In another time.

I know: It sounds like that Beatle’s movie, “Yesterday.”

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda.

This is how I remember it.

When we started playing together all the bands were crap. They sounded like Grandpa’s Beer Hall. They dressed…

“US government lists fictional nation Wakanda as trade partner”

BBC News, 12/19/19

Mr. President, last item for the day.

Hurry up, I got a T time.

It’s about Wakanda.


Not a person.

Wait. I know this. Prime Minister somebody of somewhere.

Now, see. This is what we’re afraid of.

Sure there have been days

when the words were rote

tossed off like a smile to a stranger

Possibly some days

the sentiment was less than unqualified

(Distraction and habit can

deplete words however sweetly intended)

But I can safely say the words

have never been a lie or a…

So aliens look like tomatoes.

They land in the Super Bowl

at half time

terrifying the crowd.

They are gunned down by security forces.

They try again.

They land near the pyramids.

The Egyptian Air Force bombs them.

They try again.

They land on the moon. Nobody notices.

They try…

Patrick O'Leary

New novel “51” coming spring 2022 from Tachyon. SF novelist, poet, songwriter, photographer, retired achiever.

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