Every day I tell her I love her

Sure there have been days

when the words were rote

tossed off like a smile to a stranger

Possibly some days

the sentiment was less than unqualified

(Distraction and habit can

deplete words however sweetly intended)

But I can safely say the words

have never been a lie or a weapon

nor have they been repeated in proximity

to another human with whom I shared

the same lane

So no betrayal No prevarication No

Sarcasm (that truly spoiling excretion)

Which leaves I suppose

the dangerous realm of sincerity

the banishment of cool irony

the helpful but redundant “You Are Here”

sign stating the obvious

Still who can deny the draw

the gravity of desire

a blazing hearth when outside

flurries are painting the windows

in cold abstraction

The simple warmth

The assumption of a home on earth

whose location is strangely portable

and survives chill seasons absence

irritation the mirror any number

of daily falters boredom stink

the hairs in the bathroom sink

and the inevitable leaving

New novel “51” coming spring 2022 from Tachyon. SF novelist, poet, songwriter, photographer, retired achiever.

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